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From Teacher to Executive Producer / Writer

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Beth Deacon is an accomplished educator with over 30 years of experience in the field of education. Now, she has stepped outside her comfort zone, thanks to the help of Terence Gordon and Anita Sayago and found a huge love for film in both writing and producing. She has found a way to combine these two passions to create a unique and fulfilling career.

Deacon began her career as a teacher in the early 1990s, and quickly earned a reputation as an innovative and inspiring educator. She was known for her ability to connect with her students and make learning fun and engaging. Although she taught some science courses , her love is mathematics. She has taught mathematics her entire career and loves showing students the beauty behind it.

In addition to her work as a math teacher, Deacon has brought her new passion for film to her students. She has and will continue to give students opportunities in film. INTENT UNKNOWN, which will be out yet late this summer, offered her students acting and production experience. In addition, Beth tutors Elim, a 16 year old from Taiwan and included her incredible art piece in this movie.

“The Youthful Ambition YA Brand, founded by CEO Terence Gordon offers platforms to new talents and I am grateful to be part of this amazing team”, says Deacon. “Many never have a chance to showcase their talents however through Youthful Ambition YA many now will.”

Deacon is a creator/ writer/producer on the series “Seven Doors” which is inspired by her book SEVEN DOORS IN. She is working closely with creators Terence Gordon CEO of TNG Films LLC and CEO Prashant Shah of Bollywood Hollywood Productions. “We have a talented group of writers on this project. The first season, 10 episodes, is written and we are in talks with major production studios,” Deacon says.

In addition to this series, Beth, Terence, and Anita have many other projects in development including: DETACHED, BAGGAGE CLAIM, ABOVE THE CLOUDS -SERIES, and HUNTED.

Through the Youthful Ambition YA series, the team is developing episodes including: Billions, 555, Cars, and collaborating with filmmakers in Germany, Puerto Rico, and others.

We also have an incredible project in development with creator Nello Raphael in Trinidad called the Caribbean Knight! Deacon says, “Just wait, this is something different and is already sparking much interest. Soon you will be seeing apparel, figurines, comic books and more. Very exciting times ahead for our team.” And look for the Knight displayed in the movie INTENT UNKNOWN. “I showed this piece of art created by Terence’s son, Asa Gordon to some of my students as we were sitting talking toward the end of class. I remember one of the students hollering out, this is DOPE! Is this going to be on a shirt? And all the kids in the room swarmed around to look. They loved it.”

Despite her recent success in the film industry, Deacon has not forgotten her roots as an educator. She continues to work with schools and educational organizations, using her films as a way to spark conversations and inspire students. She believes that film has the power to educate, inform, and inspire, and is committed to using her talents to make a difference in the world.

Soon you will also find courses Beth is designing on self- development, how to start a new career in your 50’s, how to help your teen succeed in school, how to make and keep great connections, and what she learned as she stepped into the world of producing - what to do and not to do! Beth’s classes will be like no others as she uses her own life experiences/stories to help you grow in these areas.

For those of you in the field of education, Beth and Terence have offered workshops both in the US and Australia about mindfulness and connections. Their series called “Knocking Down the Walls” has been well received by all. They are collaborating with a producing partner in Australia, Peta Jeppesen, on an untitled documentary project pertaining to a bold look at the current and future of education. “I love collaborating with Peta. Every time we speak, I learn something new! She is smart, forward thinking, and wants others to be successful. She has great character. If you’re looking for a coach, she’s your person,” says Beth.

Overall, Beth has found a way to combine her love of teaching and filmmaking into a fulfilling and successful career. Her dedication to education and storytelling is an inspiration to all, and she is sure to continue making an impact for years to come.

Article by TNG Films LLC

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