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Beth Rondeau Deacon


As I reflect on my three years as a maximum-security teacher, I am constantly reminded of what happened behind Door 7. There were tears, growth, teamwork, struggles, long hours of studying, failures and successes and so much more behind Door 7, all because my students were "Brave Enough to Make a Change". When you believe in someone, you never know what can happen. I believed in my students and they began believing in themselves.  

My proudest moment with these students was that as each one graduated, he asked whom he could help next. I truly saw how powerful the ripple effect can be.

I was gifted a new set of eyes, and a new appreciation for life behind Door 7, and I am forever changed and grateful.


I started my new coaching business, The 7th Door, to help students thrive in school and to help teens reach their potentials so they can see what the world has to offer. I want to help teens gain a vision for their future and leave school with fun memories, great social skills, more knowledge, less stress, scholarships, career choices, and much more.


Beth Deacon




As a teacher of 29 years, I have learned a great deal from my students. There are many students who struggle in high school and college. School should be a place where kids learn, grow socially, and have fun. It should be a place where students thrive as they begin to prepare for their futures. Life can be tough for students and I want to coach your child so that he or she can leave school with confidence, fun memories, and a vision for his/her future.

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"Beth is an inspirational teacher who oozes compassion and understanding for her students and also a level of excellence for their learning that is exemplary. Being involved in Beth's webinars for the past five weeks has renewed my passion for teaching and reminded me that the most important part of education is the relationships we have with our students, parents and school staff."

Sharon, Australia

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