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About The Author

Beth Deacon earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Education from Michigan Technological University and later earned a Master of Arts Degree in School Administration and Supervision from Northern Michigan University. She has been a mathematics teacher for the past 29 years with three of these years as a maximum-security penitentiary teacher.  Among her credits are the Women of Hearts Teacher of the Year Award, the Correctional Teacher of the Year, and the Sanford Inspirational Teacher Award. Beth is featured in the book “Women Today Making a Difference”.  Additionally, she is the author of the book “7 Doors In” which is currently optioned to be made into a series.

Beth Rondeau Deacon
Beth Rondeau Deacon

No matter how big or small, a sincere compliment can mean so much to others. So why not try to make someone's day a little better.

Beth Rondeau Deacon

Appreciate all that life has to offer...

Hope your day is filled with laughter...

Show Kindness and Gratitude

About Me

There are three principles that govern everything I do. First, the importance of how I treat others. Second, the willingness to take risks. Third, the implementation of a strong work ethic. These three core principles can be credited to much of my success. If there is one message I can share with you, it would be to find your core values and use them as your moral compass.

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