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Book Club

Meet and Greet

Hope you enjoy my book, "Seven Doors In". If you would like to set up a meet and greet with me, I would enjoy discussing my book with your club. I have a few more experiences from behind the Walls that aren't in my book that I would love to share with you.

Author Beth Rondeau Deacon

"Seven Doors In" 

1. The author asks the reader to be brave enough to make a change. What do you think that meant to her? What does that mean for her students and to the reader?

2. The author invites the reader into the walls of the prison. With what insight does she want us to walk away?

3.  The author doesn't use the term prisoner. What instead does she call the men and why is that important?

4.  Discuss the symbolism of the doors in the prison. what is the importance of the 7th Door? What does it mean to you as a reader and what does it mean to the men in prison?

5.  What opinion about Justice Reform did you have before you read this book? What is your opinion now?

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