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As the first month of this new, separated lifestyle draws to a close, I have been reflecting on the impact of these recent changes. I find that I have settled into my new socially distanced world. Much of my initial anguish has dimmed as the monotony of daily life has increased.

I am grateful that the technology that surrounds me, allows me to maintain my friendships and make new connections. Emails, blogs, posts, interviews, Google Classroom, have become central to my day. While my cat and I now share the same, staring-out-of-the-window environment, I have the ability to reach the outside world from inside.

It occurs to me that I had already been on this path. Two of my closest new friends started as Linkedin connections a few years ago. We communicated electronically over a year before meeting in person, in those old-fashioned, flying, hand shaking, hugging days.

Through one of my Linkedin connections, I was introduced to an author, Dorothy Ederer, whom to this day I have not met in person. However, Dorothy and I connected through emails and as she learned about my experiences, she asked to include me in a chapter of her book, “Women Today Making a Difference." Additionally, I was able to introduce her to some of my connections, one of whom also has a chapter in this book. It truly is easy to connect with others if you are willing to take the time. There are many amazing people in this world. We can learn so much from each other.

While I may complain about my state of affairs, I know I am blessed beyond my share. My family is all home and healthy. My teenagers have even started to let their guards down a little, spending some time interacting, conversing. Two of the three have made bread from scratch. One is planting a garden. We don’t know anyone yet suffering from this accursed disease. Our employers are still supporting us. My administration has been wonderful, focused first on feeding our students, encouraging continued learning, and supporting the staff.

We are grateful to those around us, keeping our world running. The city workers, grocery store clerks, medical professionals, farmers, and others that quietly, but not too closely surround us.

Perhaps you can reflect on the positives you have encountered during this pandemic time. Perhaps you have picked up your phone and called a friend from the past, made new friends on social media, found a new interest, or read a book you never had time for in the past. I, and my readers, would love to hear the creative ways you are spending your time. I hope you will leave a comment below.

So, locked-down or not, my life continues. Every day, I am on social media, meeting new people and learning about their stories as they in turn learn about mine. This virus hasn’t slowed me down; it just made me realize more what opportunities are right in front of me. I have even been inspired to start my own YouTube channel. Who would have thought?

Be brave enough to make a change...

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John Cameron
John Cameron
17 apr. 2020

Hello Beth. You are so right: the monotony of this "New Normal" is proving to be quite challenging. I'm use to taking an evening stroll through one of our area malls after a meal I prepared, only finding myself wondering what to do with the time I had reserved meditation and reflection. I really appreciate your words. I became aware of you through an inmate, who's name I can't mention, who I council at a state correctional facility. He introduced me to your book, "7 Doors In" which I plan to read. Being a chaplain at a state correctional facility is quite challenging and rewarding considering I was a former inmate at this facility on 3 previous occasions. Bl…

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