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The 7th Door

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

So what is the significance of "The 7th Door"? Well, the first book I am writing is called “Seven Doors In." It takes the reader through seven steel doors and into my classroom inside a maximum security prison. As you enter the seventh door, you will learn what happens when someone takes the time to believe in another. Walking through this door opened my eyes to a new world. I not only had the opportunity to teach a group of men who lived a life very different from my own, but also to learn from them how life could have been for me, if I had been dealt a different set of cards. Behind this door, there was success and failure. There were tears and laughter. There were hopes and dreams. There was judgement and tolerance. There was disbelief and then ultimately, belief. Then there was me, a small-town girl, standing in front of offenders who committed crimes of murder, burglary, rape, kidnapping and drug dealing. But this small-town girl stood in front of these men with no prejudice, treating them as a teacher should - as my students first, then stepping back and watching an incredible journey unfold. This 7th Door changed my life and now I see myself walking through many 7th doors in this world; each time succeeding, failing, crying, laughing and yet doing so with my head held high as I step out of my comfort zone and “Being Brave Enough to Make a Change”.

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