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Life isn't always fair

As I think about all my students in this stressful time and the concerns they are having as teenagers, I realize that this is a great opportunity for them to learn that life isn’t always fair. Some of my students have asked if I think there will be a prom this year, or will they be able to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, or will the school year end early? What is happening may not seem fair, but I remind them that their health is more important than any of their concerns. We all need to step up and be role models for others - do the right thing - the mature thing - the smart thing and listen! Listen to what our government officials and health care professionals are telling us! Just please remind yourselves that these few months are such a small chunk of your lives. Think about some of the positives that can come from this.

Do you enjoy meditation? Yoga? If you haven’t tried them perhaps now is the time. Perhaps you can start jogging and make it your goal to jog a mile in the next month? What a great time to work on self health. Perhaps now is a good time to start a new hobby. How about becoming a blogger? A podcaster? I am enjoying listening to podcasts, something new to me. Below is a link to my first podcast interview. Please feel free to add your blog/podcast sites in a comment.

I have a dear friend, Heather, who is a nurse. She goes to work every day knowing the dangers of this virus. We need to think of the health care professionals, the grocery store workers, the delivery people, officers, and everyone else that still must go to work. Please be proactive for them also. Heather goes home to her amazing husband and three adorable sons each day. Do they deserve to live in fear because people don’t care? People make excuses as to why they need to leave their homes at this time. Do they deserve to have their lives at risk because you decide to take an extra trip to the store, or to hang with friends? Do they deserve to be put at risk because you are too selfish and stubborn to listen? Every time you choose to leave your home unnecessarily, you may be putting people like Heather, a healthcare professional, mother, wife, sister, and aunt at risk. This is a time to think of others, not a time to think “this won’t happen to me.”

On another note: My book is coming along nicely. I love working with Brown Publishing - Incredible people. My editor is brilliant. There is more to writing a book than the manuscript. A cover needs to be designed and of course the manuscript must go to print. I am so excited!!! My second podcast interview will be out in a few days. I speak more about teaching (both in public and in corrections) and why I chose to work in a maximum security prison. Hope you can find time to listen.

Perhaps you can give someone a sincere compliment today. Remember to smile, life is good. This virus is a teaching lesson for everyone! We are growing from it.

“Be brave enough to make a change”

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