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Jag27------Seasons Of Change (3d) Comics triugene




The creators of the Tomyris Project. Get yours today! Total Episode Summary 3 seasons and 60+ episodes later, the drama that started in June of 2018 is coming to an end. The Castaways of Lost Gardens of Bali is wrapping up with four new parts as of today. Part 4: Slicing the Cake Episode 13, Slicing the Cake The kids come to the realization that they were left in a place that could kill them. Meanwhile, Julien plans a strategy with Tristan. This episode has some excellent animation and back story. Make sure you watch the whole thing. This episode is a slow burn and takes the viewers through a voyage of discovery. The story begins with Julien discovering that the Caretakers’ structure has been rigged to the ocean. They still don’t know what they’ve been trapped in or why. Julien and the kids have also discovered that they have some kind of radiation poisoning. They have developed a strange white growth. Although the kids are extremely sick, they are able to summon a little bit of strength and are in awe of what the desert island has to offer. They hear something moving in the brush nearby and decide to investigate. The Children’s discovery is that they are surrounded by a jungle. At the same time, Julien and the older children have also found a path that leads them into the jungle. Julien explains to the kids that they should stay put until he comes back for them. So, they set up camp. A mother rat comes to investigate the children. They are extremely worried about her and her offspring. The rats talk to each other and they tell each other that there is trouble. Julien’s mom comes to say hello. She explains to him that there is a bear looking for the kids. They also realize that there are people around them. A man in a green suit comes out of the bushes. He has a gun and he tells the kids that they need to follow him and he will take them home. He drags Julien and the kids off. The kids don’t know if he is friendly or not, so they make a run for it. Meanwhile, Tristan, Patrick and the rest of the crew begin to make some plans to get the kids home. They come up with a plan and use several tools to rip the roof of the main building off. This will expose the kids




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Jag27------Seasons Of Change (3d) Comics triugene
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